This legacy site is no longer active.
It has pages and links that were accurate as of the end of 2014.
The last time I taught math online for Camosun College.

It also contains the MEd project I completed in 1995
Which is now a quarter of a century ago.

Welcome to Martin Buck’s faculty website. Here you will find links to my math course outlines, an orientation to the online math system and other information relevant to math upgrading. See the appropriate links at the top of the page.

Morgan Sargent will be taking over my online math duties as of the end of this year. I officially retire from the college as of December 24th, 2014. I will keep this website up as an archive of past materials, but have no plans to update it.

Registration for the D19 online math  sections for  2015 Winter term is now available.  Visit Camlink  to register in Morgan’s appropriate Winter 2015 D19 section.  

While the online sections are all fixed pace, designed to be completed in one term or less, they are also mastery based. So as soon as you complete one level, you can move onto the next from Math 052 through to 073.