We begin each unit with a Unit Pre-test covering all the concepts for that unit. Access the pre-test by logging in to and clicking on the Homework and Tests button. For a video of how to access this pre-test, click on this link and then this link.

The pre-test is NOT a formal test. It’s a tool to introduce you to the concepts you will need to master in this unit.  Take as much time as you need.  Y you can exit out of and then return to it later anytime up until its due date. The system will not grade it until you hit the Submit button.

Beside each question in the pre-test you will see a number of tutorial buttons to help you master each question. Use these to help you demonstrate mastery by scoring at least 80%. You will also find links to all these optional tutorial resources in the Homework and Tests area. When you have completed the pre-test assignment, hit the Submit button. Once you have submitted the pre-test, the online system will mark it and allow you to review your results. You can return at a later date to  review your assignment by clicking on the Results button. Before proceeding to the Assignments in the Study Plan area, make sure you figure out where you went wrong and why on the pre-test.

Once a pre-test (or post-test) assignment is past due, it will be submitted for grading and a zero on any questions not completed will be applied. Unlike the homework assignments in the Study Plan area, you will not have an opportunity to write the pre or post-test quiz after its due date. See the Calendar area in online classroom for a list of assignments and their due dates.For more details on late penalties click on the previous link.