Study Plan Assignments

Once you have finished reviewing the completed pre-test in the Results area, head over to the Study Plan area. The next major assignment is the Post-test. Click on the Calendar button to see when that is due.  However, before you will be allowed to access the post-test, you will need to go to the Study Plan area and complete (master) all the objectives with the thumbtack icons beside them. These have been assigned to you based on how you did in the pre-test.
 You can see what objectives you need to master by logging in to and clicking on
Study Plan => Show by Assignment
Then choosing the appropriate Post-test from the drop down list. Click Go to see what you have left to do.
So your next task is to focus on completing the assigned  Quiz Me mini-quizzes. Use the Practice area if you have trouble with a Quiz Me. The Practice areas have links to Tutorial buttons like the text, animations, Show Me an Example and videos if you need more explanation. Don’t forget about the Ask My instructor button when you come across a question that you can’t answer after checking out all these other resources. Once you have mastered the Study Plan, move on to the post-test.


You may also choose to do more practice in the Study Plan area on any topic covered by the entire textbook. NOTE: This also will include material normally covered in other courses. Click on the button Show All button and choose the chapter you want to practice.

In summary, your task in the Study Plan area is to master the learning objectives identified by the pre-test and earn the Mastery Points (MP) required to open up the post-test to you. You do this by completing the assigned Quiz Me mini-quizzes. You can then move on to completing the post-test.