Which math course?

I offer fixed paced, mastery based online courses at the Math 052, 053, 072 and 073 levels. Which one of these courses is right for you?

If you are a potential or current student who does not have the math pre-requisites to enter a program or take a course here at Camosun, you may want to take an assessment test. More information is available at http://camosun.ca/services/assessment/

If you meet the prerequisites for the course you want to take, the next issue to consider is when you last took a math course.

To succeed in mathematics courses, students need a strong, current background in mathematics. As such, students should have completed prerequisite courses within the last two years. http://camosun.ca/learn/calendar/current/web/math.html

If you completed Math 11 in high school but have been away from math for two years or more, Math 053 may be the best place to start. Math 053 starts with a review of basic arithmetic and then provides the introductory algebra and problem-solving skills required for success in higher levels. As soon as you demonstrate mastery here, I can transfer you to my 072 section. Math 072 and 073 may be right for you, if you meet the prerequisites AND have a strong recent introductory algebra and trigonometry (073) background. Math 072 starts out with a review of 053 algebra and 073 starts out with a review of 072. If you have difficulty completing the review in a timely fashion, you will want to consider transferring to my 053 section.

Math 052 provides a review of basic arithmetic and an introduction to graphs, geometry and trigonometry. If you have forgotten about common denominators and things like that, this is the place to start.

For all the math courses I offer you will want to have a clear and realistic idea about the commitment of time and energy required for success. Plan on devoting up anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week to your math course, depending on your math skills.

For more information on How the Online Math System Works, click on the previous link.