Once you have successfully completed all the assigned Study Plan objectives, you will be able to move on to the Unit Post-test assignment. If you would like even more practice before writing the post-test, head over to the Study Plan area and click on the View All Chapters link. Then pick a topic for that particular unit that you want to practice.

Unlike the pre-test and the Study Plan assignments, you will need to complete the post-test in one sitting of up to two hours. Also note this quiz will be completed without benefit of the tutorial buttons.  Its purpose is to see if you are ready for the unit final. Remember most of our grade for the course comes from the Unit Finals and the Final Exam. So the post-test is also a tool to identify any areas you need more practice in. Once you submit it for grading, Review the Result of the test (click on the Results button) to figure out where you went wrong and why. This time the Tutorial Buttons will be available to  help you do that. You may also want take note of the number to the top right of each question. See the picture available at this link for details. Look for the yellow circle. Note the number of any question that gave you difficulty. Then move to the Study Plan area and complete the assigned, thumbtack icon Practice and Quiz Me exercises there. They will focus on the areas the post-test identified needed more work. You can also practice any area again by click on the View All Chapters link.

If you demonstrate mastery on the post-test by scoring of 75% or better, you may move right along to write the unit final once you complete the assigned Study Plan exercises. If you scored less than 75%, you will need to email your instructor for permission to write once you demonstrate mastery in the Study Plan area.

Like the pre-test, any late submissions will receive a grade of zero.  For more details on late penalties click on the previous link.