Unit Final

Once you have completed the newly assigned Study Plan exercises, you can move on to the most important assignment for each unit, the Unit Final. Most of the grade for your course comes from writing the Unit Final Tests and the final exam. Like the post-test, the unit final tests must be completed in one sitting. Unlike the post-test, you will NOT be allowed to exit out and return later. The unit final tests will also be completed without any reference to your notes or any other online or offline resources. You will have up to two hours. They are designed to be completed in about half the allotted time, so budget your time with it and complete each question to the best of your ability. Be sure to take the time to exercise due care and attention as well as to verify your answers.

NOTE: Please use a stable, wired (not wireless) Internet access to complete the Unit Tests. If you find you are being denied access to complete a unit exam, we will have to make arrangements for you to write in our math lab or other supervised (invigilated) location with stable Internet access.

As long as you score at the mastery level, 75% or better on the unit final test, you will be able to proceed to the next unit. If you score less than the mastery level you will be allowed to rewrite each Unit Test once (for a total of two times) to achieve mastery. However, any tests not completed by their due dates are subject to a 10% per day late penalty. All test scores count towards your final grade for the course. So please give yourself the gift of time and work well ahead of the due dates. I recommend working at least three assignments ahead. Read more about late penalties here.

Repeat this process of Pre-test, Study Plan, Post-test and Unit Final for each unit. When all course units have been completed, the final exam is completed online under invigilated or supervised conditions. Each student will arrange for an invigilator for the Final Exam who will need to be approved by the instructor. More details will be found in Announcements area of the online classroom at http://mathxl.com. Contact your instructor when you are ready to write the final exam.