Some Important Caveats

You will want to avoid the late penalties. Once the due date has passed on a pre or post-test, I will submit them for grading. If you have completed nothing, that will result in a zero grade for that particular assignment. However, you will still be able to access the Assignments in the Study Plan. All the relevant Quiz Me mini-quizzes there must be completed before you can move on to the unit final. The unit finals, where most of your grade is earned, may be made available to you after their due dates. However, a 10% per day late penalty will apply to all unit tests. Arrangement to write the final exam must be completed before the last day of instruction for the term. See the Calendar in the online classroom for details.
I encourage students to give themselves the gift of time by working  two to three major (pre, post or unit final) assignments ahead of the due dates. That way when live intervenes you will have bought yourself an extension. Let me reiterate. The key to success is work several days ahead of the due date assignments and allow yourself lots of time for each assignment. This way you can move through the course without impediment or penalty and even complete more than one course per term. From Math 052 through 072, as soon as you complete one course I can move you on right away to the next level.