What does fixed pace mean?

Fixed pace means you need to meet assignment due dates complete each course in one term or less. Late penalties will apply for assignments completed after the due date. See the course outline for details.

What does mastery based mean?

Each course is divided into a series of learning objectives. You will need to demonstrate mastery of each on. As soon as you complete (master) one course, you can immediately move you on to the next from 052 through 072.

What kind of computer do I need for the online classroom?

A  MAC or PC with a reliable Internet connection is a course requirement. See http://www.mathxl.com/support/system.htm for details.

How much preparation  would you recommend be done before the pre-test?

None. The pre-test is a learning tool and as such requires NO prior knowledge before you attempt it. Beside each question in the pre-test you will see a series of Resource button. They could be links to

  • Help Me Solve This will take you right through the solution for each exercise. Use this one as a last resort, as the system will mark you wrong and give you a similar question.
  • View an Example may be the best place to start as it gives you the solution to a similar problem.
  • Video will provide a video lesson on this concept. The beginning of each section in the Study Plan provides a link to a video on that whole section.
  • Animation will provide an animation to help you understand the concept.
  • Textbook will take you to an electronic copy of the page from the text on the topic in question.
  • Ask My Instructor will provide you way to email your instructor with your question and a link to the exercise you are having trouble with. Use this if none of the other resources above have helped you figure things out.

The above resources are there to help you master each concept. You can take as long as you want with the pre-test and even exit out and return later. It does not mark it until you hit the Submit button. So the first step with each unit is to head straight to the pre-test, where you will use the above resources to master each concept.

What happens if you do not get to the mastery level after your second try at the unit final exams?

The online math mastery system is set up with its pre-tests, study plan assignments and post-tests so that you will be very well prepared before you even attempt the unit final. Students willing to devote the time required for mastery rarely have to rewrite a unit final. And before they do, we interact to ensure we have fixed any issues.

I started my Unit Exam, but then was denied access to and can’t go on. What do I do next?

Some students have reported trouble when writing Unit Final Exams. As you know, the unit final exams must be completed in one sitting. You are not allowed to exit out. If the above happens to you, email your instructor, but please take note of the important caveat below.

You need to use a reliable, wired (not wireless or wi-fi) connection when doing the unit exams. So to avoid any difficulties, please ensure that anytime you are doing a unit final exam, you are doing so from a computer that is directly connected to the Internet with a fixed cable. If that present problems for you, let me know and we can arrange for you to write the unit exams at the college or other invigilated (supervised) location.

Do I come onto the Campus to write my tests?

The assignments, quizzes and tests are completed online. However, you will need to arrange appropriate invigilation (supervision) for the final exam.