2011 Winter Sections

The 2011 Winter (January to April 2011) math sections have now been posted in Camlink. At the moment, seats are available in all my sections.

The following online math classes are now available for registration via Camlink. Do a search on my last name, Buck, and then look for section D19.
NOTE: While these online sections offer great flexibility with access to the online classroom 24/7, student are expected to keep to a schedule that will allow them to complete a course in one term or less. Those who can devoted the recommended 10 to 15 hours per week to their math may be able to complete more than one course per term.

Math 034  – Fundamental Mathematics 3
Math 052 – Intermediate Mathematics 1
Math 053 – Intermediate Mathematics 2
Math 072 – Advanced Mathematics 1
Math 073 – Advanced Mathematics 2

The courses below, while not officially available via Camlink, are also available in conjunction with the above appropriate math sections. See the Math Course Descriptions link on the right for more information.

Math 037 – Math for Professional Cook Program
Math 038 – Fundamental Math for Trades
Math 057 – Intermediate Math for Trades

Login to Camlink and follow the instructions you will find there to register. Registered students should then contact me at martin@lwebs.ca for instructions on how to sign in to the online classroom.

If you are a Songhees student and want to sign up for a face-to-face class there, contact Verna  at 250-386-1319 or verna@selc.bc.ca.