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Registration for the Winter 2012 Term

Registration for my Winter 2012 online math courses starts October 13. If you are looking for an online option for upgrading your math from Math 034 through 073, check out the college online registration system at

I will once again be offering early registrants to my online sections an opportunity to get a head start on their winter term course work. Once you get registered for the 2012W term, email me at for more info. To learn more about the online math system, check out the links on the right of the page.

End of Term Procedures

If you have not kept up with the schedule to complete this term, please re-register ASAP for next term. Seats for the 2011 Winter term are filling up fast. As soon as you complete, I can move you on to the next level, if that’s helpful. NOTE: While the college will be closed over the Christmas break, the online classroom will be made available to those who have re-registered in my D19 2011 Winter sections.

If you are on track to complete this term, please read the following carefully to avoid any confusion around final exam writing procedures. Your final exams are written under invigilated (supervised) conditions. If you are one of my distance students (i.e., you don’t live in the Victoria area), you will need to arrange for your own invigilator. Contact me for details. In all cases you will need my permission to write the exam. NOTE: The last day to write an exam this term is Tuesday December 14th. The final exam writing options for local students are listed below:

  1. CBA 109 Interurban Math Lab – See for CBA109 lab hours.
  2. E342 Lansdowne Math Lab – See for E342 hours. NOTE: I’m told evenings in E342 are very busy and busier near the end of term so extra students may be hard to manage/fit in, so if you need an evening time, CBA109 at Interurban may be your only option.
  3. Instructor invigilated exam in Ewing Lansdowne computer lab in E112 on Tuesday December 14th at 9:00 am.

NOTE: If you are choosing option one or two, email me for a permission to write at least TWO days ahead of when you want to write. I will forward a permission to write to you and copy the instructional assistants at the lab. Only one or two people can write at a time in the Math Labs at Interurban and Lansdowne, so bookings there will be made on a first come, first serve basis. If you plan on writing on Tuesday December 14th, show up at E112 between 9:00 am and 9:30 am and we’ll make it so.