Online Math Training Event

Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
10:00 am to noon
Ewing 110
Lansdowne Campus
With Morgan Sargent, Brenda Proctor, Karen Lightbody
Regrets from Marc Bissley and Ramona Scott.


I. A little bit of history
Our reactions to technologies — Douglas Adams
   In the beginning

II. Current Thinking
Innovations 2014 Report
   William Rankin – Director of Learning Apple Inc.
   LA Community Colleges Hybrid Lab Courses for Core Mathematics
   Essential Online Instructor

III. My Current Practice
The task of updating and improving my online math system at continues throughout the year.
Details are available at my faculty website, my Google Plus site and YouTube Channel as well as in my online classroom 

This is also a 52 week a year task. Pearson Ed, our math textbook publisher who provides the site, regularly makes changes to its site that I need to keep up on.  There are two MathXL updates in the month of July that I will need to master and then implement in my online classrooms in time for the Fall 2014 term.
I begin my orientation to the online classroom by welcoming Fall 2014 student in mid-August. 

IV. MathXL from the Student Perspective

V. MathXL from the Instructor Perspective