Smart Math: Redesigned Developmental Mathematics

This was an update to a session I attended last June. These folks use the Pearson’s MathXL system that I use for my math online and blended sections and use it in a similar competency based approach. They have increased their retention rate by 14% and success rate by 44%. Details at

I am interested in seeing if it is possible to make a link between this concept and OER. It appears that this could be a matter of negotiation with the publisher. These folks have developed their own materials for use with MathXL. They have also negotiated a two year license for each student. The cost odd this is $100 which includes a printed version of the locally developed materials. This has reduced the cost per student. So the next thing to explore is whether the textbook publisher is willing to work with OER materials.

UPDATE: I did talk with a Pearson rep here, but she just referred me to our local textbook rep. I’m now on my third one in as many years, so am not sure how much help I will have there.

So, I’m going to head over to the Soft Chalk booth and talk with them. They may be the folks who can connect the dots between OER and an online environment that includes testing.