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Blended Learning: Prospects for Transforming K-12 Schools

The first keynote speaker at the E-Learn 2011 conference was Barbara Means of SRI International, USA. She spoke on the above topic. More info on her is available at http://ctl.sri.com/people/displayPerson.jsp?Nick=bmeans The blurb about her presentation is below.

Elementary and secondary schools were slower than private industry and higher education to embrace online learning options, but budget crises have done what technology evangelists could not. Estimates of the number of blended learning courses taken annually U.S. students have topped 3 million, and online options are no longer limited to course recovery, summer school, and Advanced Placement. This talk will consider the emerging research base on blended learning as part of mainstream practice in K-12 schools– its effectiveness, implementation, and implications for equity.

I also attended a small group circle led by her on this same topic. Below are a few things from that session.

She says that one third of American high school graduates do not have the English or math skills to succeed in post secondary education.

In the group was Christian Ellis from the Ho’ Ola Leadership Academy at the Kapolei High School spoke about the online option they offer students. Christian’s contact info is at http://sites.google.com/site/khscounselor/contact-information. The Leadership Academy is “Hawaii’s first educational effort that uses Hawaiian cultural practices to help students reach academic success.” See http://www.midweek.com/content/zones/west_coverstory_article/offering_a_new_lease_on_learning/

We were told that Alabama, Idaho, Michigan and Florida are all officially moving to online education in their K to 12 system.

Barbara Means mentioned a Canadian who has done research in this area. Robert Barnard Concordia University. More info on him is available at http://doe.concordia.ca/faculty/?page=faculty_list&categoryid=5&facultyid=10.